Simulation research on 6DOF topology model of engine mounting system
Received:October 12, 2018  Revised:December 24, 2018
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KeyWord:engine mount  6DOF  topological model  simscape/multibody
张慧杰 内蒙古工业大学 能源与动力工程学院, 呼和浩特
郝慧荣 内蒙古工业大学 能源与动力工程学院, 呼和浩特
郭志平 内蒙古工业大学 能源与动力工程学院, 呼和浩特
吉平 内蒙古工业大学 能源与动力工程学院, 呼和浩特
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      A vehicle engine mount is a typical six degrees of freedom(6DOF) mechanical vibration isolation system.In a traditional mechanical vibration isolation model,the whole machinery is regarded as a rigid body.However,considering the influence of moving parts in this paper,it will bring a new perspective for the structural design of an automotive engine mount.Through a force analysis of moving parts on the engine,the most important intrinsic excitation source is found that causes engine vibration.The 6-DOF spatial topology model was constructed.It is verified that there is the theoretical error between the traditional mechanical vibration isolation model and the topology model,using simulation research based on Simscape/Multibody.The topology model can describe the characteristics of the 6DOF mechanical vibration isolation system more accurately,and the established 6DOF Simscape/Multibody model can be used in active mount design.