Risk analysis of jacket platform structure based on failuare probabilty of fatigue damage and collapse
Received:September 28, 2018  Revised:February 25, 2019
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KeyWord:jacket platform structure  risk-based inspection (RBI)  risk analysis  collapse failure  fatigue damage
刘圆 中国船级社海洋工程技术中心, 天津
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      The risk-based inspection (RBI) technology has become a popular research topic in offshore industry,and its advantage lies in optimizing the inspection scope and reducing the inspection cost.In this study,the finite element method (FEM) is adopted to analyze the fatigue damage and the collapse failure.The fatigue failure probability of the key components of a platform structure is determined based on the reliability theory.Meanwhile,the collapse failure probability of the platform structure is analyzed when the key components are broken.The risk matrix is calculated with the results above for the platform to draw up the inspection plan.Finally,the quantitative risk assessment of a jacket platform at the South China Sea is performed,the risk matrix of key points and components is generated to inform the inspection target and plan.This study can aid formation of the inspection plan for the jacket platform reasonably and efficiently.The cost can be reduced under the safe operation conditions for platform structures.