Nonlinear analysis of friction effect in externally prestressed beams
Received:July 31, 2018  Revised:October 17, 2018
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KeyWord:beam  external prestress  nonlinearity  friction effect  friction element  slip
方德平 华侨大学 土木工程学院, 厦门
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      A concise friction element located at angle bisector between the external tendon and the deviator of reinforced concrete was constructed,which can simulate the slip with or without friction between the tendon and the deviator.The nonlinear stress-strain relationships of concrete,steel bar and external tendon were taken into consideration,the tri-linear model of the bending moment-axial force-curvature of beam section was adopted,the behavior of externally prestressed beam was investigated.The calculations of simply supported beams and continuous beams for various factors were conducted,including different friction coefficients,different areas of external tendon and steel bar,different eccentricities,symmetric or asymmetric load patterns.The calculation results indicate:for the simply supported beam and continuous beam under symmetric load,the friction effect on load carrying capacity is negligible;the friction effect on maximum prestress increment and deflection may not be negligible,the friction effect on minimum prestress increment is obvious;for the continuous beam under asymmetric load,the friction effect on load carrying capacity,maximum and minimum prestress increments,and deflection cannot be neglected.