Topology optimization of the cross-section layout of channel-cooling tools
Received:September 05, 2018  Revised:November 25, 2018
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KeyWord:channel-cooling  discrete object filter  topology optimization  geometric constraint  coupled thermo-fluid and mechanics
赵曦 大连理工大学 汽车工程学院, 大连
刘义畅 上海交通大学 机械与动力工程学院, 上海
方喆 上海交通大学 机械与动力工程学院, 上海
胡平 大连理工大学 汽车工程学院, 大连
周明东 上海交通大学 机械与动力工程学院, 上海 ;上海市复杂薄板结构数字化制造重点实验室, 上海
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      A topology optimization method is proposed for design of the layout of channel-cooling tools.An equivalent convective heat transfer model is established considering the characteristic of straight cooling channels.A uniform velocity field is used to mimic the turbulent flow field.The temperature boundary condition on the channel inlet is described by a Robin type boundary condition.A thermo-elastic model is established to describe the thermo-mechanical behavior.A discrete object filter is introduced to get circular topology.A geometric constraint is introduced to solve the mixed-phase problem caused by the filter.The mean temperature and the displacement field uniformity are set as an objective function and a constraint,respectively.A flat top design and a U-shape tool design are optimised to show the feasibility of the present method.Optimized design results show that a clear topology can be achieved.Furthermore the optimized topology satisfies the geometric requirements of the channel radius,the distance between channels and the minimum distance between channels and the tool surface.