Longitudinal stresses in flange plate of simple-supported and cantilever box girder with axial load acting on the section corners
Received:February 03, 2018  Revised:May 20, 2018
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KeyWord:axial load  simple-supported box girder  cantilever box girder  shear lag  longitudinal stress
林丽霞 兰州交通大学 土木工程学院, 兰州
丁南宏 兰州交通大学 土木工程学院, 兰州
吴亚平 兰州交通大学 土木工程学院, 兰州
张元海 兰州交通大学 土木工程学院, 兰州
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      Based on the theory of variational energy principles and assumed longitudinal displacement functions of a box girder under axial loads,the basic differential equation of the displacement difference function caused by the shear deformation of its flange plate is derived.Then the longitudinal stress expression of the flange plate can be deduced.For the first time,the load formulas and boundary conditions resulting in the non-uniform stress distribution of the box girder flange plate under axial loads are obtained.Stresses calculated on a box girder model are in good agreement with those obtained by the numerical results from ANSYS,which validates the presented method and formulas.There are not uneven longitudinal stresses in the flange plate when a concentrated or distributed axial load(combined force without eccentricity)acting on the corner of the simple-supported box girder.There also exist no uneven longitudinal stresses when a concentrated axial load(combined force without eccentricity)acting on the cross section corner of cantilever box girder.However,non-uniform longitudinal stresses still non-uniform phenomenon will exist in the flange plate when the load is axially distributed.In practical engineering,shear lag effect exists in a cantilever box girder with vertical loading,and it will be combined with the effect of axially distributed loads,which should be given full consideration in design of the box girders.