In-plane free vibration analysis of FGM annular sector plates
Received:July 03, 2017  Revised:September 18, 2017
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KeyWord:FGM  annular sector plates  in-plane free vibration  dimensionless natural frequency  Differential Quadrature Method(DQM)
滕兆春 兰州理工大学 理学院, 兰州
朱亚文 兰州理工大学 理学院, 兰州
蒲育 兰州工业学院 土木工程学院, 兰州
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      Assuming that the material physical parameters of the annular sector plates follows a power law distribution along the radius and based on plane linear theory of elasticity,the governing differential equations of motion for in-plane free vibration of a functionally graded material (FGM) annular sector plate are established.Then using two-dimensional differential quadrature method (DQM),the dimensionless governing differential equations of motion of in-plane free vibration of FGM annular sector plates are discretized and the dimensionless natural frequencies of the in-plane free vibration of FGM annular sector plates under the corresponding boundary conditions are solved numerically.Some results of dimensionless natural frequencies of FGM annular sector plate with π/4 angle of the sector are computed by the finite element commercial software ANSYS.They show that the current method is effective and accurate.When the plates are under the corresponding boundary conditions,the results indicate that the gradient index of FGM,the internal and external radius ratio and the angle of the sector all affect the dimensionless natural frequencies,the calculation results and the analysis method can be used in design and research.