Comparative analysis and optimization design of energy absorption characteristic of thin-walled tubes with various section geometries under axial impact
Received:August 29, 2014  Revised:December 02, 2014
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KeyWord:sled crash test  aluminum thin-walled tube  axial dynamic impact  energy absorbing characte-ristic  optimization design
胡俊 湖南大学 汽车车身先进设计制造国家重点实验室, 长沙
王飞虎 湖南大学 汽车车身先进设计制造国家重点实验室, 长沙
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      Comparative analysis of energy absorption characteristic of square, hexagonal, octagonal and cylindrical thin-walled tubes with various different cross-sectional shapes under axial dynamic impact was carried out based on the material parameters of aluminum thin-walled tube that was validated by a sled crash test.Combined with multi-objective optimization Algorithm, the octagonal multi-cell tube with relative better energy absorption characteristic was made a parameter optimization and a new optimization design scheme was proposed.This scheme taken the thickness of the outer tube, tube support plate and inner plate of octagonal multi-cell tube as optimal design variables respectively, by comparison with traditionally regarding the multi-cell tube's thickness as an unified one, we found that after optimizing the octagonal multi-cell tube, this scheme improved its energy absorption efficiency obviously than the latter while the CFE constrained under the same level.