2D computational model of liquid bridge and DEM simulation of wet granular materials
Received:May 19, 2014  Revised:August 10, 2014
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KeyWord:wet particulate system  liquid bridge  2D critical rupture distance of liquid bridge  liquid bridge force  discrete element method
杜友耀 大连理工大学 工业装备结构分析国家重点实验室, 大连
李锡夔 大连理工大学 工业装备结构分析国家重点实验室, 大连
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      The critical rupture distance of the binary liquid bridge between two neighboring particles and the numerical procedure to compute the capillary force due to the liquid bridge are studied.The fitting formula to determine the critical rupture distance of the liquid bridge expressed in terms of radii of the two particles,the contact angle and the volume of interstitial liquid is derived.The relationship between the capillary force of the liquid bridge of binary contacting or non-contacting particles and the volume of liquid in the liquid bridge are given.The Voronoi cell is introduced to define the degree of averaged saturation of the pore liquid at a meso-structured material point attributed to the reference particle.The DEM model for wet particulate systems taking into account the effect of the liquid bridge is proposed.The numerical results obtained by the proposed DEM model demonstrate the effects of the capillary forces related to different uniform distributions of degree of initial saturation of pore liquid in the wet par-ticulate system and the capability of capturing the failure modes characterized with strain localization phenomena.