Numerical substructure method for structural nonlinear analysis
Received:December 29, 2014  Revised:January 19, 2015
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KeyWord:numerical substructure  elastic-plastic  computational efficiency  fiber model  OpenSees
孙宝印 大连理工大学 建设工程学部, 大连
张沛洲 大连理工大学 建设工程学部, 大连
古泉 厦门大学 建筑与土木工程学院, 厦门
欧进萍 大连理工大学 建设工程学部, 大连 ;哈尔滨工业大学 土木工程学院, 哈尔滨
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      According to seismic damage analysis of structures,the whole structure might fail due to the serious damages of some key structural members.In spite of this,it was observed that most structural members might keep elastic and experience small deformation during the process.Thus it is unnecessary to use nonlinear models for the whole structures during the entire process of seismic analysis.A novel modeling methodology,named numerical substructure method,was presented considering the demands of computational efficiency and accuracy,including dynamic replacement substructure method and isolation substructure method.In the first method,once the elastic structural members (e.g.steel members and reinforced concrete members) yielded,they were replaced in the element and section levels by nonlinear models.In the isolation substructure method,the key members were isolated from the master structure,and refined FE models for the members were built in other platforms.The data transfer (e.g.displacement,force and tangent stiffness) between master structure and substructure was achieved by using CS technique.The above numerical substructure methods were implemented into a general finite element framework,OpenSees.To verify the newly developed numerical substructure method,two steel frames and a RC frame subjected to both static and dynamic loading conditions were taken as application examples.The analysis results using dynamic replacement elements model agree well with that using normal fiber elements model,while the computational time greatly reduced,although this advantages become less remarkable with increasing number of members yielded and replaced; the data transfer between master structure and substructures are efficient and accurate,enabling isolation substructure method to be potentially used in large scale structural elastic-plastic analysis.