Numerical investigation of underwater natural supercavitating projectiles operating with the empennages
Received:December 13, 2011  Revised:April 13, 2012
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KeyWord:supercavitation  LES  VOF  wing-projectile  unsteady flow
张木 南京理工大学 能源与动力工程学院,南京
易文俊 南京理工大学 瞬态物理国家重点实验室,南京
谭俊杰 南京理工大学 能源与动力工程学院,南京
陈志华 南京理工大学 瞬态物理国家重点实验室,南京
蔡晓伟 南京理工大学 能源与动力工程学院,南京
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      Based on the Navier-Stokes equations,adopting the LES turbulence model,algorithm of PISO and VOF method,the numerical simulation of three-dimension unsteady cavitating flow around supercavitating wing-projectile adopting the self-developed program has been implemented in this paper,through the consideration of mass transfer between gas and liquid.The process that the supercavity configuration produces from warhead of projectile until enwraps the whole body is achieved.Based on it,the cavity configuration is calculated at different attack angles,and the distributed curves of cavity thickness on the surface of projectile are also given.The analysis that different attack angles influence the configuration characteristic of cavity has been made,and also the effect of empennages and cavity configuration in conditions of zero attack angle.Furthermore,the dimensionless length and thickness of supercavity at different cavitation numbers have been calculated.The comparison of calculation result with experiment result has been made.It is indicated that numerical result can preferably agree with the experimental result.This research offers academic reference for the study of hydrodynamics and ballistic performance of underwater high-speed projectiles.