Study on the Haar wavelet algorithm of fractional differential equations
Received:September 13, 2011  Revised:April 07, 2012
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KeyWord:fractional differential equations  Haar wavelet  operational matrix of derivative
王苗苗 西安理工大学 理学院,西安
赵凤群 西安理工大学 理学院,西安
李娜 西安理工大学 理学院,西安
刘丽 西安理工大学 理学院,西安
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      In this paper,the Haar wavelet operational matrix of Caputo fractional derivative is established based on the BPF operational matrix,and an efficient Haar wavelet numerical method for solving fractional differential equations is proposed.The method is applied to solve linear and nonlinear fractional ordinary differential equations.And numerical examples results demonstrate that the algorithm is simple,precise and highly efficient.