Research on numerical simulation on the whole cracking processes of three-point bending notch concrete beams
Received:June 18, 2011  Revised:May 28, 2012
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KeyWord:concrete  crack propagation  stress intensity factor  crack opening displacement  initial fracture toughness
管俊峰 华北水利水电学院 土木与交通学院,郑州 ;清华大学 水沙科学与水利水电工程国家重点实验室, 北京
卿龙邦 清华大学 水沙科学与水利水电工程国家重点实验室, 北京
赵顺波 华北水利水电学院 土木与交通学院,郑州
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      Based on Paris' displacement formula and by considering the role of cohesive stress in the fracture of concrete,a theoretical expression for crack opening displacement of three-point bending notched beams is derived.Then,with the initial fracture toughness taken as the criterion of crack initiation,the derived expression is applied in simulating the whole cracking processes of concrete,including the beginning and development of cracking as well as the subsequent failure of concrete.To test the validity and performance of the model proposed in this paper,its calculating result is compared with experimental data and that of the finite element model and a high agreement exits among them,which indicates that the proposed method is not only simple in form and application but also with high precision.