Verification and application of SPR error estimation in static and dynamic numerical analysis
Received:December 19, 2011  Revised:May 27, 2012
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KeyWord:FEM  SPR error estimation  static and dynamic analysis  verification and application
邵琪 大连理工大学 海岸和近海工程国家重点实验室,大连 ;大连理工大学 建设工程学部土木工程学院 岩土工程研究所,大连
唐小微 大连理工大学 海岸和近海工程国家重点实验室,大连 ;大连理工大学 建设工程学部土木工程学院 岩土工程研究所,大连
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      FEM is a convenient and powerful method,always employed to all kinds of complicated problems in the design and study of engineering.However,as an approximate numerical method,the FEM results have some errors,which should be improved based on some reasonable error estimation methods.Therefore,an SPR error estimation is implanted into the static FEM numerical analysis against elasto-plastic constitutive model,to gain a verification of reliability of the SPR error estimation.Also the SPR error estimation is applied to the fluidal elasto-plastic dynamic analysis and some basis is offered to improve FEM.