A new consistent particle interaction models for moving particle semi-implicit method
Received:September 01, 2011  Revised:April 20, 2012
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KeyWord:particle interaction model  moving particle semi-implicit method  mesh-free method  numerical simulation
张帅 浙江大学 工程与科学计算研究中心 航空航天学院,杭州
楼一民 浙江大学 工程与科学计算研究中心 航空航天学院,杭州
邢菲 浙江大学 工程与科学计算研究中心 航空航天学院,杭州
石兴 浙江大学 工程与科学计算研究中心 航空航天学院,杭州
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      In this study,a set of particle interaction models are proposed for the moving particle semi-implicit (MPS) method.Discretization of operators are obtained using Taylor series in the particle's local coordinates.By this approach,the set of MPS models with a better precision can be gotten when MPS particles are randomly positioned or near to boundaries.Three typical tests are performed to verify the modified method and related discretization schemes.Furthermore,the new MPS method is implemented to simulate the broken-dam phenomenon.