Numerical simulation of thermal fluid in partially open enclosures based on Vreman subgrid-scale model
Received:December 02, 2011  Revised:May 18, 2012
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KeyWord:Vreman subgrid-scale model  partially open enclosure  thermal fluid  large eddy simulation
霍岩 哈尔滨工程大学 航天与建筑工程学院,哈尔滨
郜冶 哈尔滨工程大学 航天与建筑工程学院,哈尔滨
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      Numerical simulations on thermal flow field in a room and two adjoining rooms are carried out by means of the large eddy simulation based on Vreman subgrid-scale model.Results of simulation are evaluated by functional analysis.And results given by Vreman subgrid-scale model are compared with results given by Smagorinsky subgrid-scale mode.It is indicated that two models both give acceptable results in engineering.However,temperature and U velocity calculation results obtained by Vreman subgrid-scale model are closer to experimental values than obtained by Smagorinsky subgrid-scale model in regions near the opening.Vreman subgrid-scale model do not overestimate the coefficient of viscosity for hot gases zone near the wall as Smagorinsky subgrid-scale model do.The accuracy of computation result obtained by Vreman subgrid-scale model is 50% higher than that of Smagorinsky subgrid-scale model for hot smoke layer in a compartment with partially opening.