Study on the characteristics of a bubble motion in a complex channel by lattice Boltzmann method
Received:December 06, 2011  Revised:January 20, 2012
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KeyWord:bubble  complex channel  motion characteristics  lattice Boltzmann method  two-phase flows
李维仲 大连理工大学 海洋能源利用与节能教育部重点实验室,大连
孙红梅 大连理工大学 海洋能源利用与节能教育部重点实验室,大连
董波 大连理工大学 海洋能源利用与节能教育部重点实验室,大连
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      In this paper,the rising process of a single bubble in a complex channel consisting three half-circle throats was investigated by the lattice Boltzmann method.To analyze the influence of the complex channel on the motion characteristics of the bubble,the bubble shape,moving trajectory and bubble velocity during the rising process were studied,respectively.The result indicates that during the rising process,due to the influence of the surface,the bubble shape is deformed seriously,and the moving trajectory is deflected.By comparing with the experimental data,the simulations were validated.The results show that the lattice Boltzmann method is suitable for simulating the two-phase flows in the complex channel.