Transient analysis method based on multi-level dynamic substructures
Received:April 22, 2012  Revised:November 03, 2012
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KeyWord:multi-level substructure  Newmark algorithm  substructural tree travelling  static condensation  dynamic response
张盛 大连理工大学 工业装备结构分析国家重点实验室 运载工程与力学学部 工程力学系,大连
尹进 大连理工大学 工业装备结构分析国家重点实验室 运载工程与力学学部 工程力学系,大连
陈飙松 大连理工大学 工业装备结构分析国家重点实验室 运载工程与力学学部 工程力学系,大连
白杨 大连理工大学 工业装备结构分析国家重点实验室 运载工程与力学学部 工程力学系,大连
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      A combined method based on multi-level substructural technique and Newmark algorithm is proposed for solving dynamical equations of structures.By employment of Newmark algorithm,the dynamical equations can be converted to be equivalent equilibrium equations and then the global equations are formed by static condensation method for each substructure,and finally response of overall structure is solved by backward substitution.Substructural tree travelling and static condensation techniques are used in the solution process.Its advantages are simple and accurate (without any approximation).In transient analysis,higher modes of response can be obtained,because the contribution of all internal DOFs of each substructures to overall structure can be taken into account.Furthermore,the partition scheme of substructures does not affect numerical precision,and this algorithm can be used to construct a unified algorithmic framework for general-purpose multi-level substructural analysis.Numerical results validate the correctness and efficiency.