Interval reliability analysis method and its application to underground tunnel structure
Received:October 11, 2011  Revised:April 10, 2012
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KeyWord:Uncertainty  interval analysis method  interval reliability  robust reliability  underground tunnel
邵国建 河海大学 工程力学系,南京
苏静波 河海大学 港口海岸与近海工程学院,南京
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      Based on the interval analysis method of the uncertainty problems for engineering structures.In this paper,a new reliability analysis method for interval reliability index is gained by combining interval analysis method and reliability analysis method.The performance functions that are defined by the failure criteria of structures change in some certain intervals,so the reliability indexes change in some certain intervals.The robust reliability indexes are gained during computing interval reliability indexes.By combining interval finite element optimization computation method,the underground tunnel is analyzed by using interval reliability analysis method.The outputs indicate the tunnel is safe and reliable under given boundary water load interval and parameter intervals.The reliability indexes of top and bottom elements of tunnel structure are low,and the reliability indexes of mid elements of tunnel structure are high.That accords with the general rules.