Analysis of structural robustness with non-probabilistic uncertainties
Received:November 22, 2011  Revised:March 24, 2012
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KeyWord:robustness  robust H control  convex model  elastic-plastic
张成 浙江大学 建筑工程学院,杭州
吴慧 浙江财经学院 工商分院,杭州
高博青 浙江大学 建筑工程学院,杭州
董石麟 浙江大学 建筑工程学院,杭州
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      Currently there is no generally accepted criterion for a quantitative measure of structural robustness. Taking basis in robust H control theory, a framework for quantitative assessing structural robustness considering uncertainties is proposed. Non-probabilistic uncertainties of external loads and structure itself are expressed by convex model, and structural robustness can be assessed by H norm of the transfer function. Specific formula for elastic-plastic structural robustness is given, using L2 norm as an evaluation of signal. Analysis results of a single degree of freedom parallel system indicate that structural robustness will be overestimated without considering plasticity.Analysis of a truss structure subjected to static and dynamic load indicates that H structural robustness index can effectively and reasonably reflect structural robustness. The results show that increasing redundancy of structures or load-carrying capacity reserves of key components can enhance structural robustness, while fluctuations of external load and properties of structures will reduce structural robustness.