Optimizing design of micro-structural configurations of periodic porous sound-absorbing materials
Received:October 10, 2011  Revised:March 20, 2012
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KeyWord:porous materials  sound-absorption  optimal design  finite element method
陈文炯 大连理工大学 工业装备结构分析国家重点实验室 工程力学系,大连
刘书田 大连理工大学 工业装备结构分析国家重点实验室 工程力学系,大连
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      Sound absorption performance of the porous materials is closely related to micro-structural configurations and porosity.In this paper,results from finite element method examining micro-/macro relations linking micro-structural configurations to sound absorption properties are presented.Based on the influences of shape,porosity and size of pore on the sound-absorbing property,theories and methods for designing the microstructural configurations of materials exhibiting high-efficient soundproofing property in a specific frequency are established.Some high performance soundproofing micro-structural configurations are given out through optimal design.