Three dimensional simulation of the explosive welding by using of the MPM
Received:October 24, 2011  Revised:December 27, 2011
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KeyWord:meshless method  material point method  explosive welding  numerical simulation
王宇新 大连理工大学 工程力学系,大连
李晓杰 大连理工大学 工程力学系,大连
孙国 大连理工大学 工程力学系,大连
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      As one of meshless methods.The material point method is a new numerical simulation method which evolved from the Particle-in-Cell method.The MPM takes advantage of both Eurlerian and Lagrangian methods.Strain and stress values of the material points under impact load are calculated by governing equations and constitutive relation.The deformation and fracture of continuum body are described by the material points coordinate,and background mesh is fixed.The MPM is used to simulate explosive welding problem in this paper.Three dimensional deformation of the flyer plate and base plate are simulation under detonation load,and impact velocity and explosion pressure of the flyer plate are calculated.