Applications of non-smooth equations methods for the contact problems with non-matching meshes
Received:September 24, 2011  Revised:April 16, 2012
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KeyWord:contact problem with non-matching meshes  non-smooth equation method  Mortar Segment-to-Segment method  non-smooth nonlinear complementary equation  B-differentiable equation
胡志强 大连理工大学 建设工程学部 水利工程学院,大连
樊国刚 大连理工大学 建设工程学部 水利工程学院,大连
陈万吉 大连理工大学 运载工程与力学学部 工程力学系,大连
林皋 大连理工大学 建设工程学部 水利工程学院,大连
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      In this paper,the non-smooth equation methods combined with Mortar Segment-to-Segment methods(Simply denoted as Mortar StS model),is proposed to solve the elastic contact problem in which the discretization of two contact surfaces are not matched with each other.The non-smooth methods,which satisfying the contact conditions accurately and have proven convergence property,are only used for solve the contact problems with matching meshes.In the Mortar StS model,it is suitable to deal with the non-matching contact problem.The over-constraints can be avoided and the contact patch test can be satisfied.However,usually the trial-and-error iteration method,in which it is difficult to guarantee the convergence of solution for complex contact problem,is employed with Mortar StS model.Therefore,the combination of two methods will improve the accuracy and guarantee the convergence of solution for the contact problem with non-matching meshes.The numerical examples demonstrate the contact patch test results and the accuracy of the combined method.