A dynamic sub-partition strategy of finite element for simulation of crack propagation
Received:April 11, 2011  Revised:September 26, 2011
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KeyWord:crack expansion  numerical simulation  sub partition  substructure  re-mesh
周储伟 南京航空航天大学 机械结构力学及控制国家重点实验室, 结构与强度研究所, 南京
潘清 南京航空航天大学 机械结构力学及控制国家重点实验室, 结构与强度研究所, 南京
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      A novel numerical algorithm combining finite element sub-partition and substructure was developed to simulate crack extension.In this strategy,all elements are grouped into three sorts:elements separated by a crack,elements containing crack tip and normal elements.The first and second sorts of elements will be sub-partitioned.Grouping of elements are dynamic varying with crack extension.The sub-partitioned elements covering one crack are viewed as a sub-structure.This sub-structure is thereby dynamic also for its element member will increase when the crack expands.In this algorithm,a crack can expand along any path and free from the limit of original mesh,global re-mesh is not needed and the total freedom dimension keeps the same whether cracks extend or initiating new cracks.This method was adopted to calculate the stress intensity factors of central crack in infinite plane and to simulate the crack propagation in three-point bending beam to validate its accuracy.It was further used in inhomogenous material to demonstrate its adaptability for simulating of complex path cracking.