Prediction of underwater vehicle vibration-noise based on singularity-decomposition and self-adaptive BEM quadrature
Received:March 31, 2010  Revised:October 12, 2010
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KeyWord:mechanical noise  modified-BEM  singularity-decomposition  self-adaptive BEM quadrature
魏应三 海军工程大学 船舶与动力学院, 武汉
王永生 海军工程大学 船舶与动力学院, 武汉
聂沛军 海军工程大学 船舶与动力学院, 武汉
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      A modified boundary element method(M-BEM) was proposed to calculate the engine vibration induced underwater near-field noise of a submerged structure.A singularity-decomposition scheme and a self-adaptive BEM quadrature algorithm were adopted to overcome Helmholtz hyper-singular and singular integral when calculating near-field sound pressure.A numerical case of a pulsating sphere was investigated to validate the M-BEM algorithm.Then M-BEM coupled with FEM were applied to predict underwater vehicle vibration-noise considering fluid-structure interaction effects.By visualization the near-field sound pressure distribution,high sound pressure area was localized.Finally,the underwater radiated sound power was calculated and the peak frequencies were identified.Reduction of the engine periodic-isolator's stiffness can effectively transfer the sound power of peak frequencies to band-spectrum and the vibration noise of the line spectrum is controlled.