Simulation and analysis of slide jump dynamic characteristic of the amphibious UAV
Received:April 29, 2009  Revised:December 11, 2009
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KeyWord:amphibious UAV  dynamics model  slide jump dynamics characteristics  simulation and analysis
裴譞 西北工业大学 航海学院,西安
张宇文 西北工业大学 航海学院,西安
王银涛 西北工业大学 航海学院,西安
王志强 昆明精密机械研究所,昆明
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      Based on the aerodynamic,the potential flow theory and the planning theory, a dynamic model of the slide jump ballistics of the amphibious UAV was developed. The slide jump dynamics characteristic of amphibious UAV had been analyzed in details, and the slide jump state had been researched on the impact of the several jumping condition. Results show that:(1)At the moment of touching water, posture of amphibious UAV changes violently and shows a intense rising trend instantaneously;(2)The angle of attack increasing will make the bedew depth increase and the slide time decrease;(3)The pitch angle increase will make the bedew depth decrease and the slide time increase. The work can give the theoretical foundation and study tools for the conceptual design, flight control systems design and flight stability assessment of the amphibious UAV.