Numerical simulation of filling in micro-channel injection molding
Received:February 21, 2009  Revised:December 07, 2009
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KeyWord:micro injection molding  non-Newtonian fluid  surface tension  numerical simulation
刘志伟 大连理工大学 辽宁省微纳米技术及系统重点实验室,大连
刘冲 大连理工大学 辽宁省微纳米技术及系统重点实验室,大连
徐征 大连理工大学 辽宁省微纳米技术及系统重点实验室,大连
杨铎 大连理工大学 辽宁省微纳米技术及系统重点实验室,大连
刘军山 大连理工大学 辽宁省微纳米技术及系统重点实验室,大连
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      Micro injection molding is suitable for mass production of thermo-plastics-based micro- and mini- parts. Analyzing the filling process in micro-injection molding is useful and important for the optimization of fabrication process and molding master structure. But the results from researches indicate that distinct difference exists between micro-filling and macro-filling of polymer melt and it will obviously induce deviation in the evaluation of micro-filling with macro-scale analysis tools. In this paper, based on the open source code of OpenFOAM, an analysis module is constructed for the filling flow process of micro injection molding, in which the surface characteristic and the law for viscosity varying obtained from experiments are included. The filling process of the micro-channel, which is essential in micro-fluidic devices, is simulated and analyzed. In the result, the effects of surface tension and viscosity on the filling rate of micro injection molding are demonstrated.