A-posteriori compression scheme for wavelet Galerkin BEM
Received:November 14, 2008  Revised:November 24, 2009
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KeyWord:wavelet Galerkin BEM  sparse matrix  complexity  matrix compression
校金友 西北工业大学 航天学院,西安
曹衍闯 西北工业大学 航天学院,西安
文立华 西北工业大学 航天学院,西安
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      Wavelet Galerkin boundary element method is introduced. We put our emphasis on the matrix compression using the quasi-vanishing moment wavelets. The fact that there are still a large number of entries with small values in the non-standard form matrix after the a-priori compression motivates us to study the a-posteriori compression, in order to further reduce the memory requirement in storing the compressed matrix. An algorithm for the a-posteriori compression is proposed. Numerical example concerning Stokes flow problem clearly shown that, with the a-posteriori compression, the memory requirement for non-standard form can be reduced to a factor larger than 5 while persevering the convergence rate of the underlying Galerkin scheme.