The modified tensile stress crack propagation criterion and influence of cranny hydraulic pressure on crack propagation
Received:March 01, 2007  
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KeyWord:maximal circumferential tensile stress criterion  cranny hydraulic pressure  crack propagation  element free galerkin method(上接第113页)Three-dimensional numerical analysis of cracks in transversely isotropic materialsCHEN Meng-cheng(School of Civil Engineering
张敦福 山东大学 土建与水利学院 工程力学系,济南
李术才 山东大学 土建与水利学院 工程力学系,济南 ;山东大学 岩土与结构工程研究中心,济南
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      The first principal stress tensile stress criterion for brittle material was supplied and modified. The modified crack propagation criterion can give out crack propagation steps. The 2-D sidelong crack propagation was taken as an example. The element free Galerkin method was used. Numerical simulation of 2-D crack propagation without cranny hydraulic pressure was accomplished. The simulation results agree well with experiential results. The correctness of the maximal circumferential tension stress criterion is proved. Following on,the beginning rupture of 2-D crack with different cranny hydraulic pressure was studied. The 2-D crack propagation with given cranny hydraulic pressure was traced numerically. All results show that cranny hydraulic pressure has great influence on crack beginning rupture orientation,rupture step,rupture load and the intensity of rock-mass with crack. The crack propagation traces with and without cranny hydraulic pressure are different. But the upper propagation trend-line with and without cranny hydraulic pressure are uniform.