Efficient numerical solution for multi-body system dynamics based on subsystem algorithm
Received:March 14, 2007  
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KeyWord:Multi-body system  dynamic analysis  subsystem  synthesis algorithm  divide-and-conquer algorithm
夏鸿建 华中科技大学 国家CAD支撑软件工程技术研究中心, 武汉
王波兴 华中科技大学 国家CAD支撑软件工程技术研究中心, 武汉
陈立平 华中科技大学 国家CAD支撑软件工程技术研究中心, 武汉
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      To improve the computational efficiency and reduce the scale of dynamic analysis of complicated multi-body system, the solution based on subsystem algorithm is studied. By analyzing the topological relationship of the system and the traits of the Jacobian matrix, a subsystem synthesis algorithm is developed. The algorithm uses the semi-recursive method to construct the motion equations of open-and closed-loop subsystem, and then synthesizes the effective masses and forces to the inner base body to decompose the assembly of the motion equation of the whole system. Furthermore, for the subsystems coupled weakly with the others, in terms of the coupling characteristics among subsystems, a divide-and-conquer algorithm is also proposed to divide the system into the smaller subsystems. This algorithm adopts a gluing method to coordinate the displacement constraints connecting the subsystems and analyze each subsystem using their own independent solvers to improve the integration efficiency of subsystem models. Finally, the proposed algorithms are demonstrated and validated through two examples of dynamic analysis for the six-link mechanisms.