Structural robust design based on perturbation stochastic finite element method
  Revised:January 06, 2004
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KeyWord:robust design,structural optimization,stochastic finite element method,uncertainty,sensitivity analysis
KANG Zhan  CHENG Geng-dong
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      The perturbation-based stochastic finite element analysis incorporating structural optimization techniques is employed in the robust design of path-dependent nonlinear structures.The problem is formulated as a multi-criteria optimization problem,in which both the expected value and the standard deviation of the objective function are to be minimized.The robustness of the feasibility is also accounted for by involving the variability of the structural response in the constraints.An incremental scheme based on a reduced set of random variables is proposed for evaluating the expected value and the variance of the structural performance functional,as well as their sensitivities.The optimization problem is converted into a scalar one and solved by a gradient based mathematical programming approach.Numerical examples are given to demonstrate the applicability of the presented method.