Extended importance sampling and its application in reliability analysis of the rotating shaft of some horizontal tailplane
  Revised:April 30, 2003
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KeyWord:inter-particle collision,Monte-Carlo arithmetic,probability density function,gas-particle turbulence
ZHAO Hai-bo  LIU Zhao-hui  ZHENG Chu-guang~*  CHEN Yin-mi  ZHANG Jif Science  Technology  Wuhan 430074  China)
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       Making use of inter-particle collisions dynamics and probability of inter-particle collision, a Monte-Carlo arithmetic is set up to take into account inter-particle collisions, which is coupled with a hybrid finite-difference-Monte-Carlo numerical arithmetic that is proposed for Reynold stress model(RSM)-probability density distribution function(PDF) two-phase turbulence model. This hybrid arithmetic is used to simulate a swirling gas-particle flows which take place in a axial symmetry and suddenly expanded pipe. The result of numerical simulation shows: (1) inter-particle collisions redistribute kinetic energy and turbulence kinetic energy of particle in three coordinate directions, as a result, the distribution of those energy inclines to isotropy; (2) because inter-particle collisions destroy the fluctuation velocity correlation of particle-particle and particle-gas, turbulence kinetic energy of particle and fluctuation velocity correlation of particle-gas phase decrease.