Study on one-dimensional nonlinear consolidation of multi-layered soil using differential quadrature method
  Revised:June 17, 2003
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KeyWord:multi-layered soil,one-dimensional nonlinear consolidation,differential quadrature method
CHEN Ren-peng  ZHOU Wan-huan  WANG Hong-zhi  CHEN Yun-min~*
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      In this paper the differential quadrature method was employed for the analysis of the one-dimensional nonlinear consolidation of multi-layered soil, based on the nonlinear consolidation theory proposed by Davis and Raymond, also considering the initial effective stress distribution, arbitrary boundary and loading condition. The convergence and accuracy analysis showed that the DQM formulation yields a monotonic convergence and a good accuracy with increasing number of sampling points and the computational results agreed with those of the analytical solution when adopting 7-9 interpolations in each layer. Due to the uniform matrix structure of the solution in this paper, it is convenient for formulating computational program and engineering practice and it can avoid the cumbersome work of the analytical solution in solving the eigen-equation for eigen values. Furthermore, the application of the DQM solution in this paper was demonstrated to the problem of one-dimensional nonlinear consolidation of three layered soil. Some diagram was prepared and the influence of the thickness, the consolidation coefficient and the vertical coefficient of permeability of each layer on the consolidation behavior of layered soil was discussed.