Technology study on reliability-based structural optimization and design
  Revised:March 25, 2002
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KeyWord:failure probability,structural optimization,structural buckling
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      Firstly, the structure was treated as a serial reliability model, in which every component became a failed unit, so that the trivial searching main failure modes of the structure was avoided. Secondly, the reliability index of each component was computed with a method called first order second moment, then in order to simplify the ascertain procedure of the structural failure probability, it was equal to the sum of components failure probability. Finally, the allowable value of structural failure probability was evenly allocated to every component, and a criterion method was used to construct a formula for searching the optimal solution. Besides static strength, the problem of optimization and design was studied when the failure took place owing to structural linear elastic buckling in this paper also. Several structural examples including truss and wing box were employed to validate the proposed method. Compared with present methods, the results indicate that the proposed method greatly increases the efficiency and has appropriate accuracy.