Study on hybrid DSMC/EPSM method for chemical reacting gas flow
  Revised:February 28, 2002
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KeyWord:hybrid DSMC/EPSM method,vertical plate,rarefied gas dynamics,chemical reactions
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      The Equilibrium Particle Simulation method (EPSM) is developed to build a EPSM model suited for chemical reaction flows in the high temperature gas. The Monte Carlo method (DSMC) is combined with the EPSM method to make a hybrid DSMC/ EPSM method by using a 'hybrid parameter' to divide the different flow regions. The hypersonic gas flow of vertical plate is simulated by using hybrid DSMC/EPSM code and the DSMC method. Through the comparison of the results, the effectiveness of the DSMC/EPSM code is proved. The computation efficiency of the hybrid DSMC/EPSM method and the DSMC method is compared. It is proved that the hybrid DSMC/EPSM method is more efficient than the DSMC method.