A new parallel adaptive finite element algorithm
  Revised:April 12, 2002
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KeyWord:finite element,parallel computing,mesh adaptation,domain decomposition
Zhou Chunhua *1  R  olph E Bank 2
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      A new parallel adaptive finite element algorithm for the partial differential equation(s) in fluid mechanics has been presented. At first, the equation(s) is solved on an initial coarse mesh to produce a posteriori\|error estimate. Through a recursive spectral bisection based on the error estimate, the initial mesh is partitioned to achieve approximately equal error in each subregion for the load balance in parallel computing. Then, the entire problem is solved independently on each processor and the mesh adaptation is confined largely in its own partition. Finally, the adapted meshes taken from each subregion form a non matching global mesh and the entire problem is solved on it to obtain the final solution, using a domain decomposition method based on mortar elements. At the end of the paper, the results of numerical experiments are given to verify this algorithm.