Dynamic substructure method for analysis of railway track to high frequency excitation
  Revised:March 25, 1999
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KeyWord:dynamic substructure,wheel/rail,high frequency vibration,mechanic receptance,wheel/rail noise
Wei Wei
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      A new railway track model for high frequency vibration, which includes the deformation of rail's cross\|section, the discrete supports and cross receptance, has been established. A wheel/rail contact characteristic have been introduced into the method of substructure impedance condensation to calculate the receptance. The result shows that rail vibrates as a rigid body below 800 Hz, the deformation of rail's cross\|section will happen at the frequency higher than 800 Hz, The model predicting results have a better coherence with the experiments one. Chinese railway track receptance has been predicted, the 1 st and 2 nd resonances are 150 Hz and 320 Hz respectively, the pinned\|pinned resonance is 1280 Hz.