Approach of volume rendering for isosurface in FEM
  Revised:September 28, 1998
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KeyWord:isosurface,volume rendering,ray casting,3 D data field
HU Yu jin  WU Jun
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      Ray casting, as a major approach of volume rendering, is a technique for visualizing 3D data field, where intersecting and color composition are key problems that affect the efficiency of rendering, especially when the element of data field is unstructured such as FEM. This paper gives a new algorithm using ray casting method for fast and accurate rendering of isosurfaces in FEM. By the special data structure generated in the pre processing step, we can eliminate the irrelevent elements. At the same time, techniques such as image plane dividing and special way of color composition are used. These methods speed up the rendering greatly. The implementation of the algorithm, together with a example are given in this paper.