Response of single pues embedded layered halfspaces to arbitrary incident seismic waves
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KeyWord:seismic response analysis/arbitrary seismic waves,layered halfspace,pile-soil dynamic interaction
Chen Qingjun
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      Based on the literature[5],an advanced method to calculate the response of single pilesembedded in layered halfspaces to arbitrary incident seismic waves is presented.The pile isrepresented by beam element and the soil as a layered halfspace.The arbitrary incident seis-mic waves are applied to the primitive input motion of pile foundations.The explicit Green',sfunction corresponding to dynamic loads in the interior of layered halfspace,developed earlierby Kausel and Seale is used in the study. The resultsof a numerical study on the behavior ofsingle piles embedded in layered halfspaces subjected to SH,SV and P waves with differentangles of incidence are presented.It is shown that the method developed in this paper has theadvantage of high accuracy and less computational time.