Analysis of Continuous Curved Box-Girder Bridge with Flexible Transverse Diaphragms by Finite Strip Method
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KeyWord:curved, continuous box girder, finite strip method, flexible diaphragms analysis
Zhao Zhenming
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      The continuous curved box girder with column-support and without diaphragms is studied in document [3]. In this paper, the redundent forces of restraining point on diaphragms and box girder are determined by condensable matrix so that the internal forces of continuous curved box girder and its transverse diaphragms are obtained. These extended the area of the analysis in document [3]. The multi-span continuous box girder with rigid and flexible transverse diaphragms are calculated and comparison between the two are made. In the meanwhile, the above calculating results are compared with the analysis of box girder without transverse diaphragms and the straight finite strip method. Comparing results shows that the calculations in this paper are quite satisfactory.