Volume 37,Issue 4,2020 Table of Contents

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A symplectic analytical singular element for V-notch problem under dynamic loading condition
  CAI Zhi-yu and YAO Wei-an
  Published 8月 28日, 2020
  2020,37(4):389-395 [Abstract(196)]  [View PDF 3.26 M (150)]
Size effect theory on shear strength of RC cantilever beams without stirrups
  JIN Liu, WANG Tao and DU Xiu-li
  Published 8月 28日, 2020
  2020,37(4):396-404 [Abstract(149)]  [View PDF 6.50 M (118)]
Influence of angular deviation of double planetary gears on system load sharing characteristics
  HUANG Kang, XU Feng-wei, XIONG Yang-shou, SANG Meng and WANG Tao
  Published 8月 28日, 2020
  2020,37(4):405-411 [Abstract(145)]  [View PDF 3.46 M (105)]
Optimal analysis of rotor arrangement for a micro quadrotor aircraft
  LEI Yao, WANG Heng-da, YE Yi-qiang and HUANG Yu-hui
  Published 8月 28日, 2020
  2020,37(4):412-416 [Abstract(116)]  [View PDF 5.17 M (94)]
Model updating of frequency response function based on radial basis function
  YIN Hong, CUI Pan and PENG Zhen-rui
  Published 8月 28日, 2020
  2020,37(4):417-423 [Abstract(131)]  [View PDF 3.03 M (92)]
Stress intensity factor of angular crack in double slot circular section pipe
  HU Si-ya and XIE Yu-jun
  Published 8月 28日, 2020
  2020,37(4):424-430 [Abstract(104)]  [View PDF 5.16 M (87)]
Configuration analysis and tension calculation of catenary under vertical concentrated force
  GUO Xiao-gang, WANG Gang, SONG Xiao-dong, DENG Xu-hui and ZHAO Ke
  Published 8月 28日, 2020
  2020,37(4):431-438 [Abstract(91)]  [View PDF 6.51 M (92)]
High-order elastic shear buckling analysis of unstiffened steel plate shear wall
  HU Yue-hua, SUN Guo-hua and LIU Wen-yuan
  Published 8月 28日, 2020
  2020,37(4):439-447 [Abstract(97)]  [View PDF 17.65 M (86)]
Research on under-constrained problem for large-scale eccentric structure lifting
  ZHANG Shu-cui, QI Zhao-hui, XU Jin-shuai and ZHANG Xin-gang
  Published 8月 28日, 2020
  2020,37(4):448-454 [Abstract(80)]  [View PDF 2.81 M (76)]
Analysis of steel tube collapse under bending or tensile loading
  CHEN Guo-long, FENG Chun-jian, LI Tao, LU Qing-zhen and CUI Ying-hua
  Published 8月 28日, 2020
  2020,37(4):455-460 [Abstract(89)]  [View PDF 5.87 M (78)]
Investigation of fracture process in geopolymer concrete using the extended finite element method
  HE Sheng-hao, ZHOU Hua-fei and XIE Zi-ling
  Published 8月 28日, 2020
  2020,37(4):461-469 [Abstract(110)]  [View PDF 5.60 M (89)]
Instability analysis of soil particle stress chain on slope based on persistent homology
  CHEN Long-fei, YOU Shi-hui and XIE Chun-kai
  Published 8月 28日, 2020
  2020,37(4):470-475 [Abstract(89)]  [View PDF 4.40 M (84)]
Deflection characteristics of stainless steel composite plate under ice load
  YI Ya-li, XIANG Jian, ZHANG Dong-fei and JIN He-rong
  Published 8月 28日, 2020
  2020,37(4):476-485 [Abstract(86)]  [View PDF 4.44 M (88)]
SPH simulation of liquid drops impact on elastic substrates based on a surface force model
  DONG Xiang-wei, LI Jing, HUANG Xiao-ping and LIU Jian-lin
  Published 8月 28日, 2020
  2020,37(4):486-495 [Abstract(93)]  [View PDF 8.87 M (89)]


A new shock stable convection-pressure flux splitting scheme
  HU Li-jun, WU Shi-feng and ZHAO Kun-lei
  Published 8月 28日, 2020
  2020,37(4):496-503 [Abstract(77)]  [View PDF 3.51 M (81)]
Time-dependent reliability analysis of corroded reinforce concrete beams in the atmospheric environment
  YANG Si-zhao, WANG Xian-jie, DONG Yan-qiu, WANG Xi, LONG Shi-qi and ZHOU Xiao-fan
  Published 8月 28日, 2020
  2020,37(4):504-510 [Abstract(103)]  [View PDF 3.95 M (95)]
The second-order sensitivity algorithm and their comparison analysis for real modal parameters
  ZHANG Miao, YU Lan and JU Wei
  Published 8月 28日, 2020
  2020,37(4):511-516 [Abstract(93)]  [View PDF 2.40 M (80)]