Volume 37,Issue 2,2020 Table of Contents

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The molecular simulation on the mechanical property of the bismaleimide resin modified by carbon nanotubes
  YE Hong-fei, LI Dong, YAO Ting-ting, ZHENG Xiao-fei, WU Di, ZHENG Yong-gang and ZHANG Hong-wu
  Published 4月 28日, 2020
  2020,37(2):131-136 [Abstract(350)]  [View PDF 5.37 M (265)]
Research on liner buckling and collapse of bi-material metal pipes subjected to mechanical-thermal loading
  GUO Yi-rong, ZHANG Jian-xun, TAN Ding-sen, XU Zi-li and QIN Qing-hua
  Published 4月 28日, 2020
  2020,37(2):137-144 [Abstract(266)]  [View PDF 6.66 M (214)]
Multi-Output Gaussian process surrogate model for structural reliability optimization
  ZHAO Wei-tao, LIU Zhao-lin and QI Wu-chao
  Published 4月 28日, 2020
  2020,37(2):145-150 [Abstract(236)]  [View PDF 2.39 M (214)]
Calculation methods of transverse bending moment of box girder considering the distortional influence
  WANG Zhao-nan and ZHANG Yuan-hai
  Published 4月 28日, 2020
  2020,37(2):151-158 [Abstract(229)]  [View PDF 2.82 M (216)]
Upper bound limit analysis of axisymmetric structures based on natural element method
  CHEN Shen-shen and WANG Wei
  Published 4月 28日, 2020
  2020,37(2):159-164 [Abstract(233)]  [View PDF 2.46 M (217)]
Structural design of root and groove for turbine with Fourier series
  LI Ming, ZHANG Xiao-juan, YU De-qi, SHU Wei-lin and CHENG Kai
  Published 4月 28日, 2020
  2020,37(2):165-170 [Abstract(218)]  [View PDF 2.74 M (224)]
Forward collision analysis and optimization method of body conceptual design based on plastic hinge theory
  GENG Fu-rong, ZHU Jin-fu, ZHAO Yong-hong, LI Jian-hua and HOU Wen-bin
  Published 4月 28日, 2020
  2020,37(2):171-177 [Abstract(194)]  [View PDF 3.82 M (193)]
Dynamic analysis on the paper sheet separated by the overlap separation mechanism
  CHAI De-wang, DING Qian and ZHANG Quan
  Published 4月 28日, 2020
  2020,37(2):178-184 [Abstract(171)]  [View PDF 3.73 M (193)]
Analysis on the influence parameters of vehicle-track-bridge coupling dynamics system
  LI Jin-hua, LI Wen-wu, GUAN Hai-ping and LI Chun-xiang
  Published 4月 28日, 2020
  2020,37(2):185-192 [Abstract(224)]  [View PDF 3.79 M (207)]
Symplectic method for the forced vibration of bilayers graphene system in steady-state
  FAN Jun-hai, JIA Ju-fang, LAI An-di, ZHOU Zhen-huan and XU Xin-sheng
  Published 4月 28日, 2020
  2020,37(2):193-198 [Abstract(218)]  [View PDF 3.61 M (206)]
Modeling and parameter influence analysis of bistable piezoelectric energy harvester with an elastic magnifier
  ZHANG Yu, WANG Quan and WANG Jian-guo
  Published 4月 28日, 2020
  2020,37(2):199-204 [Abstract(200)]  [View PDF 2.96 M (202)]
Research on the interval dynamic stiffness model of hydraulic bushing for the vehicle suspension control arm
  CHEN Ke, YU Xiao-peng, ZHENG Hong-mei, WANG Hai-shuo, ZHANG Guo-jun and WU Rui
  Published 4月 28日, 2020
  2020,37(2):205-211 [Abstract(195)]  [View PDF 3.43 M (184)]
A precise integration single-step method for nonhomogeneous dynamic equations
  WANG Yong, MA Jun, LI Jing-xiang, CHEN Ru-si, XU Yang, HAO Yue-dong and HU Peng
  Published 4月 28日, 2020
  2020,37(2):212-217 [Abstract(292)]  [View PDF 2.81 M (247)]
Research on tunnel pressure arch based on coupled discrete and continuous method
  GAO Feng, TAN Xu-kai, CHEN Xiao-yu, DING Qi-le and LI Xing
  Published 4月 28日, 2020
  2020,37(2):218-225 [Abstract(222)]  [View PDF 5.31 M (206)]
Inverse method of model parameters based on deformation measurement data using principal component compression
  LI Jian-yu, REN Zhao, ZHANG Li-li and WEI Kai-jie
  Published 4月 28日, 2020
  2020,37(2):226-232 [Abstract(179)]  [View PDF 4.62 M (211)]
Numerical study on MHD flow of a nanofluid over a stretching/shrinking wedge
  XU Xiao-qin, CHEN Shu-mei and LIN Shao-yi
  Published 4月 28日, 2020
  2020,37(2):233-240 [Abstract(182)]  [View PDF 4.97 M (203)]
Power law model of annular distribution of slurry diffusion pressure
  HUANG Xuan and YANG Shuang-suo
  Published 4月 28日, 2020
  2020,37(2):241-246 [Abstract(232)]  [View PDF 3.06 M (196)]


A two-dimensional flux splitting scheme for compressible flows
  HU Li-jun, ZHAI Jian and YUAN Li
  Published 4月 28日, 2020
  2020,37(2):247-253 [Abstract(215)]  [View PDF 3.69 M (205)]
Fatigue reliability evaluation of railway steel truss bridge based on measured load
  XIAO Xin and ZHAO Xin-xin
  Published 4月 28日, 2020
  2020,37(2):254-260 [Abstract(209)]  [View PDF 3.34 M (186)]