Volume 36,Issue 3,2019 Table of Contents

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Displacement shallow water internal solitary wave
  WU Feng, YAO Zheng, SUN Yan and ZHONG Wan-xie
  Published 6月 28日, 2019
  2019,36(3):297-303 [Abstract(910)]  [View PDF 2.45 M (323)]
Dynamic modeling and symplectic solution of a circular membrane of dielectric elastomer under Hamilton system
  LI Shao-feng, DU Lin and DENG Zi-chen
  Published 6月 28日, 2019
  2019,36(3):304-309 [Abstract(846)]  [View PDF 4.02 M (315)]
A recursive analytical algorithm for dynamics analysis of nonlinear oscillators based on Riemannian geometry
  YANG Zhe, CHEN Guo-hai and YANG Di-xiong
  Published 6月 28日, 2019
  2019,36(3):310-316 [Abstract(858)]  [View PDF 2.73 M (298)]
Parameter effect analysis of local failure modes for fail-safe topology optimization
  PENG Xi-rong and SUI Yun-kang
  Published 6月 28日, 2019
  2019,36(3):317-323 [Abstract(830)]  [View PDF 4.58 M (291)]
A mesh deformation method parameterized by cross-sections and its application to crashworthiness optimization
  YANG Lei, LI Bao-jun and HU Ping
  Published 6月 28日, 2019
  2019,36(3):324-331 [Abstract(39095)]  [View PDF 7.90 M (302)]
A decoupling method of structural reliability optimization based on threshold factor
  ZHAO Wei-tao, LI Jiu-an and QI Wu-chao
  Published 6月 28日, 2019
  2019,36(3):332-337 [Abstract(750)]  [View PDF 2.17 M (279)]
Gradient optimization of metal cellular material as thermal conductivity enhancer for phase-change temperature control
  WANG Jia-you, MA Guang-peng, KANG Shuai-shuai and ZHANG Yong-cun
  Published 6月 28日, 2019
  2019,36(3):338-344 [Abstract(822)]  [View PDF 5.26 M (297)]
Generation of artificial seismic wave and reliability study based on the new seismic code considering site soil properties
  XIANG Meng-jie, QIN Yun, WANG Xian-jie, YANG Si-zhao and LONG Shi-qi
  Published 6月 28日, 2019
  2019,36(3):345-351 [Abstract(753)]  [View PDF 3.34 M (353)]
Damage analysis method of lamina based on peridynamic theory
  GUO Shuai, JIAO Xue-jian, LI Li-jun, LENG Yang-song, SUN Feng-shan and SHAN Hai-rui
  Published 6月 28日, 2019
  2019,36(3):352-357 [Abstract(792)]  [View PDF 4.06 M (303)]
Analysis of hypersingular integral equation method to 3D dynamic crack
  RAN Ran and QIN Tai-yan
  Published 6月 28日, 2019
  2019,36(3):358-363 [Abstract(750)]  [View PDF 2.51 M (315)]
Deformation law of compression wavefront in long tunnel of high-speed railway
  LIU Jin-tong and LI Ren-xian
  Published 6月 28日, 2019
  2019,36(3):364-369 [Abstract(836)]  [View PDF 3.89 M (268)]
Numerical analysis on corrugated sheet structure of shape memory alloy actuator based on UMAT
  WANG Zhi-yong, ZHOU Bo and XUE Shi-feng
  Published 6月 28日, 2019
  2019,36(3):370-374 [Abstract(805)]  [View PDF 2.61 M (268)]
Quantitative research on two strength reduction factors of slope based on mutation characteristic
  SU Yong-hua, LI Shuai and FANG Yan-bing
  Published 6月 28日, 2019
  2019,36(3):375-382 [Abstract(746)]  [View PDF 3.24 M (279)]
End friction effects on concrete dynamic strength using meso-scale models based on XCT images
  LI Chao, YANG Zhen-jun and HUANG Yu-jie
  Published 6月 28日, 2019
  2019,36(3):383-388 [Abstract(789)]  [View PDF 6.57 M (310)]
Reversing time of duration and dead center position effects on the elastohydrodynamic lubrication of reciprocating spur gear rack
  WANG You-qiang, ZHAO Jing-jing and XU Cai-hong
  Published 6月 28日, 2019
  2019,36(3):389-394 [Abstract(709)]  [View PDF 2.91 M (240)]
Three-dimensional path integration analysis of non-linear responses of simply-supported beams
  PAN Xin-kai, WANG Xiao-dun and ZHU Hai-tao
  Published 6月 28日, 2019
  2019,36(3):395-400 [Abstract(765)]  [View PDF 3.11 M (316)]
Longitudinal stresses in flange plate of simple-supported and cantilever box girder with axial load acting on the section corners
  LIN Li-xia, DING Nan-hong, WU Ya-ping and ZHANG Yuan-hai
  Published 6月 28日, 2019
  2019,36(3):401-406 [Abstract(740)]  [View PDF 2.54 M (268)]
Study on mechanism of flake initiation based on the cohesion method
  FAN Jun-kai, PENG Bo, HOU Gao-jie and DU Feng-shan
  Published 6月 28日, 2019
  2019,36(3):407-413 [Abstract(758)]  [View PDF 5.09 M (279)]
Study of characteristic of capillary rise using level set method
  CHENG Zhi-lin, WANG Qing and NING Zheng-fu
  Published 6月 28日, 2019
  2019,36(3):414-421 [Abstract(839)]  [View PDF 3.43 M (306)]


Study on kinetic properties and drag coefficient of rising bubble behavior in still water
  SHI Ming-yu, QI Mei, YI Cheng-gao, WANG Jian-jun, CHEN Rong and LIU Dian-yu
  Published 6月 28日, 2019
  2019,36(3):422-428 [Abstract(773)]  [View PDF 2.78 M (300)]