Volume 35,Issue 5,2018 Table of Contents

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Modified semi-analytical sensitivity analysis methods for structural design optimization
  CHEN Biao-song, ZHANG Li-dan, LU Yi-nan and CHENG Geng-dong
  Published 10月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(5):533-539 [Abstract(773)]  [View PDF 3.14 M (608)]
A ground structure generation method for truss topology optimization on non-convex design domain
  SHI Hang, GAO Ge, XIE Jun, GUO Yu-chen, WANG Tao and LIU Zhen-yu
  Published 10月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(5):540-546 [Abstract(833)]  [View PDF 7.05 M (504)]
A topology optimization model for conducting paths design of cooling structures considering transient effect
  WU Shu-hao, ZHANG Yong-cun and LIU Shu-tian
  Published 10月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(5):547-551 [Abstract(775)]  [View PDF 2.99 M (609)]
Seismic performance of locally buckled FRP reinforced concrete filled thin-walled steel tube
  ZHU Chun-yang, ZHAO Ying-hua, YUAN Yue, WANG Ke and SUN Li
  Published 10月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(5):552-559 [Abstract(768)]  [View PDF 5.77 M (527)]
In-plane free vibration analysis of FGM annular sector plates
  TENG Zhao-chun, ZHU Ya-wen and PU Yu
  Published 10月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(5):560-566 [Abstract(641)]  [View PDF 3.33 M (490)]
Performance-based seismic vulnerability analysis of base isolation structures
  QU Ji-ting and FANG Wen-qi
  Published 10月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(5):567-573 [Abstract(835)]  [View PDF 3.10 M (478)]
Study on pressure oscillation in particle method
  ZHU Yue, JIANG Sheng-yao, YANG Xing-tuan and DUAN Ri-qiang
  Published 10月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(5):574-581 [Abstract(718)]  [View PDF 7.65 M (559)]
The model predictive control for structural vibration with local nonlinearity
  LI Fei, ZHANG Sheng, PENG Hai-jun and CHEN Biao-song
  Published 10月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(5):582-588 [Abstract(670)]  [View PDF 3.48 M (498)]
Dynamic response of deep circular composite-lined tunnel in saturated soil subjected to incident plane P-waves
  DING Hai-bin, XU Chang-jie, TONG Li-hong, YANG Yuan-ye and GUO Sheng-gen
  Published 10月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(5):589-596 [Abstract(809)]  [View PDF 4.34 M (585)]
Peridynamic study on mixed-mode crack propagation under dynamic load
  QIAN Jian, JIANG Dong-ju, GONG Qing and HUANG Dan
  Published 10月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(5):597-602 [Abstract(797)]  [View PDF 3.90 M (441)]
Acoustic shape sensitivity analysis using isogeometric BEM
  LIU Cheng, ZHAO Wen-chang, CHEN Lei-lei and CHEN Hai-bo
  Published 10月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(5):603-610 [Abstract(835)]  [View PDF 8.72 M (605)]
An implicit return mapping algorithm for coupled viscoelastic-Perzyna viscoplastic finite element method
  YAN Fu-you, CUI Hao, ZHANG Xiao-wan and LIU Zhong-yu
  Published 10月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(5):611-618 [Abstract(803)]  [View PDF 3.70 M (478)]
Analysis on additional deflection induced by effects of shear lag and shear deformation in box girders
  ZHANG Yu-yuan, ZHANG Yuan-hai, ZHANG Hui and MA Ying
  Published 10月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(5):619-626 [Abstract(656)]  [View PDF 3.62 M (492)]
Nonlinear analysis of axial compression behavior of recycled concrete filled square steel tube-profile steel composite short columns
  MA Hui, ZOU Chang-ming, WANG De-fa, HU Guang-bin and DONG Ji-kun
  Published 10月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(5):627-634 [Abstract(726)]  [View PDF 5.89 M (470)]
Nonlinear numerical computation of exact and approximate solutions of classical catenary theory
  GUO Xiao-gang, JIN Xing, ZHOU Tao, SONG Xiao-dong and DENG Xu-hui
  Published 10月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(5):635-642 [Abstract(664)]  [View PDF 4.24 M (743)]
Flow-induced vibrations of three side-by-side cylinders in laminar flow: vibration response and near-wake patterns
  XU Xiao-li, JI Chun-ning, ZHANG Li and CHEN Wei-lin
  Published 10月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(5):643-649 [Abstract(600)]  [View PDF 5.26 M (498)]
Characteristic of the settling particles with different density
  LIU Yi and NIE De-ming
  Published 10月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(5):650-655 [Abstract(698)]  [View PDF 4.29 M (442)]


Study on the collapse process of the complex structure of the high-rise building under fire
  CUI Tie-jun, LI Sha-sha, WANG Lai-gui and MA Yun-dong
  Published 10月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(5):656-662 [Abstract(638)]  [View PDF 7.19 M (478)]