Volume 35,Issue 4,2018 Table of Contents

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Armijo-based adaptive stability transformation method
  LI Bin and LI Gang
  Published 8月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(4):399-407 [Abstract(1779)]  [View PDF 4.25 M (623)]
Fatigue reliability analysis of orthotropic steel bridge deck based on LHS-Kriging method
  LI De-ru, LIU Yang, LU Nai-wei, ZHANG Hai-ping and JIANG Nan
  Published 8月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(4):408-416 [Abstract(1718)]  [View PDF 5.05 M (600)]
Fatigue reliability assessment of simply supported bridges subject to impact of stochastic vehicle loads
  LUO Yuan, YAN Dong-huang and YUAN Ming
  Published 8月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(4):417-423 [Abstract(1700)]  [View PDF 3.21 M (569)]
Numerical simulation of two-dimensional Kelvin-Helmholtz instabilities using a front tracking method
  SHANG Wen-qiang, ZHANG Ying, CHEN Zhao-qi, YUAN Zhi-ping and DONG Bo-heng
  Published 8月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(4):424-430 [Abstract(1440)]  [View PDF 6.72 M (550)]
Uncertain propagation based on the Cluster-Ellipsoid model
  LIU Hao, YANG Kai-yun and ZHANG De-quan
  Published 8月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(4):431-436 [Abstract(1662)]  [View PDF 2.95 M (471)]
Shape optimization of shear steel plate damper with diamond hole
  CHEN Cong, LÜ Xi-lin and CHEN Yun
  Published 8月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(4):437-443 [Abstract(1447)]  [View PDF 7.50 M (573)]
The elastoplastic constitutive model coupled with ductile damage based on micromorphic approach
  LIU Wei-jie, HU Ping, Khemais Saanouni and ZHANG Xiang-kui
  Published 8月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(4):444-450 [Abstract(1424)]  [View PDF 4.97 M (538)]
An improved method of damage identification of random beam structures
  HUANG Bin, GUO Wen-hao, LU Yi and ZHU Fu-rong
  Published 8月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(4):451-457 [Abstract(1543)]  [View PDF 4.94 M (512)]
Dynamic analysis of the axial vibration of the impeller in a reactor coolant pump induced by the radial leakage flow
  LI Zi-lin, XU Sheng-li and GUAN Zhen-qun
  Published 8月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(4):458-465 [Abstract(1421)]  [View PDF 5.49 M (550)]
Calculation of the response of nonlinear vibration system based on the Caputo fractional derivative
  LI Ya-jie, WU Zhi-qiang and ZHANG Guo-qi
  Published 8月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(4):466-472 [Abstract(1454)]  [View PDF 4.73 M (637)]
Simulation of spatially variable underground seismic motions in circular-arc canyons with horizontally-layered inhomogeneous medium
  LIU Guo-huan, MA Jie and FENG Xiao
  Published 8月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(4):473-479 [Abstract(1545)]  [View PDF 6.14 M (473)]
Analysis and application of the vector form intrinsic finite element based on the hexahedral grid
  WANG Zhen, ZHAO Yang and YANG Xue-lin
  Published 8月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(4):480-486 [Abstract(1661)]  [View PDF 4.49 M (515)]
Kriging model based finite element model updating method using frequency response function
  YANG Xiu-ming, GUO Xing-lin and LI Dong-sheng
  Published 8月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(4):487-493 [Abstract(1630)]  [View PDF 3.56 M (520)]
Corrective scheme for derivative free method to compute Second Order Derivatives
  Rahmatjan Imin and Ahmatjan Iminjan
  Published 8月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(4):494-499 [Abstract(1415)]  [View PDF 3.26 M (690)]
Free surface detection method in particle method
  ZHU Yue, JIANG Sheng-yao, YANG Xing-tuan and DUAN Ri-qiang
  Published 8月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(4):500-506 [Abstract(1497)]  [View PDF 8.01 M (515)]
Multiscale embedded discrete fracture modeling method
  ZHANG Qing-fu, HUANG Zhao-qin, YAO Jun, WANG Yue-ying and LI Yang
  Published 8月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(4):507-513 [Abstract(1770)]  [View PDF 7.34 M (808)]
Nonlinear analysis and computation on horizontal catenary midpoint under concentrating force
  GUO Xiao-gang, ZHOU Tao, JIN Xing and DENG Xu-hui
  Published 8月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(4):514-520 [Abstract(1655)]  [View PDF 3.62 M (609)]


Analytic solutions for bending of anisotropic rectangular medium-thickness plate with four free edges
  WANG Chun-ling, ZHANG Jie and LI Hua
  Published 8月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(4):521-526 [Abstract(1599)]  [View PDF 4.91 M (649)]
Mesoscale simulation and analysis of spouted bed with LBM-DEM four direction coupling
  LI Bin, ZHANG Shang-bin, TENG Zhao-yu, BIAN Yu-ming, ZHANG Jian and BA Xing-yuan
  Published 8月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(4):527-532 [Abstract(1707)]  [View PDF 3.67 M (532)]