Volume 35,Issue 3,2018 Table of Contents

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Review of research progress in contact-impact algorithms
  CHEN Cheng-jun, CHEN Xiao-wei and LIU Ming
  Published 6月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(3):261-274 [Abstract(1024)]  [View PDF 5.38 M (811)]
Consistent high order meshfree method for crack problems
  GAO Xin, DUAN Qing-lin, LI Shu-hui and CHEN Biao-song
  Published 6月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(3):275-282 [Abstract(869)]  [View PDF 5.85 M (611)]
Numerical simulations of flow over isolated and two tandem elliptical cylinders by immersed boundary-lattice Boltzmann flux solver
  WU Xiao-di, LIU Hua-ping and CHEN Fu
  Published 6月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(3):283-290 [Abstract(714)]  [View PDF 5.37 M (457)]
Numerical simulation of gas transport at high temperature and high pressure in porous media with low water content
  HE Zeng, TIAN Zhou and WANG Tie-liang
  Published 6月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(3):291-298 [Abstract(648)]  [View PDF 4.57 M (421)]
Aerodynamic ROM of blade due to upstream wake
  LI Li-zhou, YANG Ming-lei, ZHANG Jun, LUO Xiao and YUAN Mei-ni
  Published 6月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(3):299-303 [Abstract(726)]  [View PDF 3.37 M (538)]
The spectral collocation method-artificial compressibility method (SCM-ACM) for solving incompressible fluid flow
  MU Yong-qiang, HAO Jian-chao, ZHANG Jing-kui, DONG Hua and LIN Huan
  Published 6月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(3):304-309 [Abstract(739)]  [View PDF 4.07 M (476)]
Numerical method of confined compression model with lateral friction
  LI Wen-xuan, CAO Yong-yong, ZHANG Wen-qian and JIANG Yan-bin
  Published 6月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(3):310-314 [Abstract(753)]  [View PDF 2.45 M (368)]
Analysis and application of the vector form intrinsic finite element for fracture and penetration of thin-membrane
  WANG Zhen, ZHAO Yang and YANG Xue-lin
  Published 6月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(3):315-320 [Abstract(552)]  [View PDF 7.71 M (432)]
Study on damage identification frame structures considering mass change
  LIANG Zhen-bin and DONG Cong
  Published 6月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(3):321-325 [Abstract(625)]  [View PDF 2.58 M (398)]
A free vibration model of carbon nanotube-reinforced functionally graded composite plates and scale effects
  HE Dan and MEN Liang
  Published 6月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(3):326-330 [Abstract(628)]  [View PDF 2.72 M (417)]
Overlapping decentralized guaranteed cost control for structures with uncertain parameters under seismic excitation
  XU Qing-hu, WANG Jian-guo and WANG Quan
  Published 6月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(3):331-336 [Abstract(572)]  [View PDF 3.32 M (317)]
Optimization algorithm of critical load of a thin-walled frame with variable cross-section based on improved particle swarm
  HOU Xiang-lin, WANG Si-wei, WANG Jia-xiang and JIA Lian-guang
  Published 6月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(3):337-343 [Abstract(634)]  [View PDF 3.63 M (432)]
Structures and properties of polymer binders PVP, PAM and PVA by a molecular dynamics simulation method
  CHAI Wei-hong, WANG Yan-en, WEI Qing-hua, YANG Ming-ming, ZHANG Ying-feng and WEI Sheng-min
  Published 6月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(3):344-349 [Abstract(701)]  [View PDF 3.78 M (397)]
Multi-objective optimization design and CFD simulation analysis of piston pump
  LIANG De-dong, LI Yi-bo, PAN Yang and MA Jun
  Published 6月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(3):350-355 [Abstract(684)]  [View PDF 4.12 M (454)]
Study on uniaxial compression characteristics of brittle rock and soil aggregate
  FENG Chun, LI Zhi-gang and LI Shi-hai
  Published 6月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(3):356-363 [Abstract(446)]  [View PDF 5.77 M (407)]
Improved SPH boundary conditions and simulation for large deformation of soil
  LUO Zhao and WANG Chun
  Published 6月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(3):364-371 [Abstract(545)]  [View PDF 5.16 M (462)]


Optimization of engine mount system based on Cholesky factorization of mass matrix
  HAO Hui-rong and ZHANG Hui-jie
  Published 6月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(3):372-379 [Abstract(579)]  [View PDF 5.10 M (390)]
Numerical investigation on seakeeping performance of amphibious aircraft landing on waves
  MA Zeng-hui, LIU Li-sheng, YUE Zhen, ZHU Guo-fu, LIU Qi-wen and ZHANG Jia-xu
  Published 6月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(3):380-386 [Abstract(736)]  [View PDF 4.50 M (522)]
Entropy generation rates calculation in turbulent flow through an airfoil based on eddy viscosity models
  WANG Wei, WANG Jun, LI Jia-jun and LIANG Zhong
  Published 6月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(3):387-392 [Abstract(536)]  [View PDF 4.16 M (428)]
Research on inversion technique of equivalent excitations of flexible panel structures
  WANG Wei-ke, HUO Rui and WANG Zhi-dong
  Published 6月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(3):393-398 [Abstract(576)]  [View PDF 5.34 M (418)]