Volume 35,Issue 1,2018 Table of Contents

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Multi-objective topology optimization of support structure for flexible telescope skin
  JI Bin and JIN Dong-ping
  Published 2月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(1):1-6 [Abstract(1626)]  [View PDF 3.28 M (1154)]
Three-stage decoupling method of reliability-based design optimization
  ZHAO Wei-tao, WANG Jian-ye and QI Wu-chao
  Published 2月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(1):7-13 [Abstract(1220)]  [View PDF 2.30 M (912)]
Based step factor improved Guide-weight method for solving topology optimization problems
  CHEN Chui-fu and YANG Xiao-xiang
  Published 2月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(1):14-20 [Abstract(1123)]  [View PDF 2.76 M (731)]
Topology optimization of the suspension's arm in the damaged aircraft trailer
  HONG Zhen-yu, LIU Jia and TIAN Wei
  Published 2月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(1):21-27 [Abstract(1193)]  [View PDF 4.86 M (858)]
Static and free vibration analysis of stiffened plates by ES-FEM using triangular element
  YOU Xiang-yu, ZHENG Wen-cheng, LI Wei, CHAI Ying-bin and CHENG Cong
  Published 2月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(1):28-34 [Abstract(1210)]  [View PDF 3.26 M (858)]
Mechanism analysis of vehicle shimmy with time-delayed displacement feedback and energy transfer
  JIANG Jun-zhao, LU Jian-wei and YANG Shi-qin
  Published 2月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(1):35-43 [Abstract(1058)]  [View PDF 5.23 M (952)]
Transient heat conduction analysis by the numerical manifold method and the precise time integration
  ZHANG Hui-hua, HAN Shang-yu, HU Guo-dong and TAN Yu-xin
  Published 2月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(1):44-50 [Abstract(1188)]  [View PDF 3.98 M (1242)]
Precision analysis and improvement of third-order WENO scheme
  XU Wei-zheng, KONG Xiang-shao, ZHENG Cheng and WU Wei-guo
  Published 2月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(1):51-55 [Abstract(1350)]  [View PDF 2.68 M (892)]
Direct method for transmission of boundary conditions of local finite element model
  WU Yan-bin and HUANG Fang-lin
  Published 2月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(1):56-61 [Abstract(1090)]  [View PDF 5.12 M (949)]
Uncertainty study of natural convection in random porous media based on Monte-Carlo stochastic finite element method
  HE Yi-hai, JIANG Chang-wei, HE Ye-cong, YAO Ming, ZHU Yan-he and ZHANG Bing-qing
  Published 2月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(1):62-68 [Abstract(1203)]  [View PDF 7.11 M (1104)]
Pseudo-spectral-differential quadrature coupled method for a class of hyperbolic telegraph equations
  WANG Yong and WANG Fang-zong
  Published 2月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(1):69-75 [Abstract(1290)]  [View PDF 2.60 M (835)]
Research on the calculation of seepage force on buried pipelines in shallow water
  FU Chang-jing, LI Guo-ying and ZHAO Tian-long
  Published 2月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(1):76-81 [Abstract(1094)]  [View PDF 3.36 M (742)]
CFD simulation of wind-induced snow pressure on folded reticulated shell structure
  YAN Wei-heng, HE Li-yong, WU Dong-hong, DU Shu-zhao and ZHAO You-shuan
  Published 2月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(1):82-90 [Abstract(1111)]  [View PDF 8.00 M (949)]
Law of induced stress in multi-cluster fracturing and the effect on crack propagation
  SUN Ke-ming and ZHANG Shu-cui
  Published 2月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(1):91-97 [Abstract(1014)]  [View PDF 6.15 M (821)]
Probabilistic model for critical crack angle of reinforced concrete beams
  YU Bo, CHEN Bing, TANG Rui-kai and WAN Wei-wei
  Published 2月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(1):98-104 [Abstract(1099)]  [View PDF 3.10 M (782)]
A contact-impact algorithm based on the segment-to-segment local searching method
  CHEN Cheng-jun, LIU Ming, CHEN Xiao-wei and XIAO Gui-zhong
  Published 2月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(1):105-110 [Abstract(1101)]  [View PDF 3.11 M (781)]


Numerical study of suitable occlusal forces after mandibular advancement surgery with bilateral sagittal split ramus osteotomy
  ZHOU Wei-yuan, SHI Guang-yu, MA Wen and HOU Min
  Published 2月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(1):111-116 [Abstract(1081)]  [View PDF 6.32 M (668)]
Study on the application of nonlinear EASM turbulence model in supersonic flows
  JIANG Bao-sen, ZHANG Liang, SU Peng-hui and LI Jun-hong
  Published 2月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(1):117-122 [Abstract(1014)]  [View PDF 3.65 M (766)]
Nonlinear system identification based on the empirical envelope method
  ZHANG Ming-jie
  Published 2月 28日, 2018
  2018,35(1):123-127 [Abstract(898)]  [View PDF 3.09 M (772)]