Volume 34,Issue 6,2017 Table of Contents

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Consistent high order meshfree method based on quadrilateral integration sub-domains
  WANG Bing-bing, DUAN Qing-lin, LI Xi-kui, ZHANG Hong-wu and YANG Di-xiong
  2017,34(6):677-682 [Abstract(1374)]  [View PDF 3.48 M (927)]
Numerical analysis for non-Fourier thermal behavior of biological multilayer skin tissue subjected to impulsive heat source
  GUO Pan, WU Wen-hua, ZHAO Jun and LI Qian
  2017,34(6):683-689 [Abstract(845)]  [View PDF 5.89 M (966)]
A large-strain nearly incompressible implicit 4-node tetrahedron
  XIAO Gui-zhong, CHEN Cheng-jun, XIAO Shi-fu and TIAN Rong
  2017,34(6):690-697 [Abstract(1030)]  [View PDF 6.02 M (848)]
Crack growth analysis of the rib-to-deck welded joints of orthotropic steel deck under cyclic loading with negative stress ratio
  DU Qing and SHI Guang-yu
  2017,34(6):698-703 [Abstract(797)]  [View PDF 4.20 M (1039)]
Dynamic response and fatigue damage analysis of a steel catenary riser at the touchdown point considering seabed contact
  GAO Yun, WANG Xiao-mei, XIONG You-ming, ZOU Li and ZONE Zhi
  2017,34(6):704-711 [Abstract(798)]  [View PDF 7.00 M (923)]
DTM analysis for free vibration of rotating FGM beams resting on elastic foundations
  TENG Zhao-chun, HENG Ya-zhou, ZHANG Hui-kai and MA Yong-bin
  2017,34(6):712-717 [Abstract(850)]  [View PDF 2.71 M (753)]
Numerical computation of differential dynamic systems using boundary value methods
  WANG Fang-zong, PAN Ming-shuai and YANG Meng
  2017,34(6):718-724 [Abstract(811)]  [View PDF 3.85 M (533)]
Non-linear vibration analysis of magnetic bi-stable piezoelectric cantilever energy harvesting system
  ZHANG Yu and WANG Quan
  2017,34(6):725-731 [Abstract(708)]  [View PDF 3.84 M (780)]
Component importance evaluation of frame structures considering the contributions of internal forces
  ZHANG Li-sen and FANG Sheng-en
  2017,34(6):732-738 [Abstract(656)]  [View PDF 2.85 M (705)]
Development and application of a structured clay model in FLAC
  YANG Jie, YIN Zhen-yu, JIN Yin-fu, ZHANG Dong-mei and HUANG Hong-wei
  2017,34(6):739-747 [Abstract(1128)]  [View PDF 6.18 M (859)]
Geometrically nonlinear modeling and analysis of macro-fiber composite (MFC) laminated bimorph plates
  ZHANG Shu-yang, ZHANG Shun-qi, ZHAO Guo-zhong, WANG Zhan-xi and QIN Xian-sheng
  2017,34(6):748-754 [Abstract(972)]  [View PDF 3.78 M (802)]
Investigation on interaction of microscopic parameters of cohesioness granular material via DEM
  WANG Zhi-chao, KUANG Du-min and ZHAO Tao
  2017,34(6):755-762 [Abstract(1053)]  [View PDF 4.02 M (976)]
Wind effect analysis of super-high structure based on convolutional non-viscously damped system
  LÜ Meng and DUAN Zhong-dong
  2017,34(6):763-769 [Abstract(646)]  [View PDF 4.08 M (857)]
Partitioned algorithm for the coupling of elastic pipe and the transverse fluid in a cylinder
  YUE Qian-bei, LIU Ju-bao, DONG Ri-zhi and LIU De
  2017,34(6):770-778 [Abstract(752)]  [View PDF 7.23 M (846)]
A WENO scheme with geometric conservation law and its application
  ZHU Zhi-bin, YANG Wu-bing and YU Min
  2017,34(6):779-784 [Abstract(1085)]  [View PDF 6.53 M (1063)]
Research on the influence of system pressure to oil containing suspended particles
  CHEN Bin and LIU Ge
  2017,34(6):785-792 [Abstract(727)]  [View PDF 4.09 M (774)]
Numerical simulation of vortex evolution in a tank
  LUO Zhi-qiang and HUANG Yu-ping
  2017,34(6):793-799 [Abstract(750)]  [View PDF 11.47 M (902)]


A simple local discrete velocity unified gas-kinetic scheme
  QIN Hao, SONG Ya-hui and LI Kai
  2017,34(6):800-806 [Abstract(740)]  [View PDF 5.21 M (788)]