Volume 34,Issue 5,2017 Table of Contents

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Effects of in-crack water pressure and contact condition of crack surface on crack propagation in gravity dams
  PANG Lin and LIN Gao
  2017,34(5):535-540 [Abstract(1398)]  [View PDF 3.13 M (1273)]
Mesoscale Rigid-Body-Spring Model for analyzing the crack propagation of concrete cover due to steel bar corrosion
  LIANG Yong-qin and WANG Li-cheng
  2017,34(5):541-546 [Abstract(1218)]  [View PDF 4.10 M (1115)]
Probabilistic model for critical diagonal crack angle of shear-critical reinforced concrete columns
  YU Bo, WU Ran-li and CHEN Bing
  2017,34(5):547-554 [Abstract(919)]  [View PDF 3.42 M (676)]
Mesh quality effects on the accuracy of gradient reconstruction and inviscid flow simulation on isotropic unstructured grids
  WANG Nian-hua, ZHANG Lai-ping, MA Rong and HE Xin
  2017,34(5):555-563 [Abstract(942)]  [View PDF 4.81 M (584)]
Research on the effects of air during flat plate impacting with water using SPH method
  YAN Rui, XU Fei and REN Xuan-qi
  2017,34(5):564-569 [Abstract(1337)]  [View PDF 5.69 M (694)]
Numerical simulation of flow around oscillating bluff body based on immersed boundary method
  YANG Qing, CAO Shu-yang and QI Yong-sheng
  2017,34(5):570-578 [Abstract(1500)]  [View PDF 4.11 M (705)]
An explicit integrator method for the dynamic problem of fluid-saturated porous medium in time domain
  SONG Jia, XU Cheng-shun, DU Xiu-li and LI Liang
  2017,34(5):579-585 [Abstract(989)]  [View PDF 4.38 M (679)]
Effects of different flapping ways on input power of a hydrofoil
  LI Wei-zhong, WANG Wen-quan and YAN Yan
  2017,34(5):586-590 [Abstract(1116)]  [View PDF 3.77 M (916)]
Mesoscopic modeling method of concrete aggregates with arbitrary shapes based on mesh generation
  WANG Ben, WANG Hong, ZHANG Zhi-qiang and ZHOU Meng-jiao
  2017,34(5):591-596 [Abstract(824)]  [View PDF 5.93 M (824)]
The formulation of the boundary value methods via differential quadrature
  WANG Fang-zong, WANG Yong and YANG Meng
  2017,34(5):597-602 [Abstract(832)]  [View PDF 2.94 M (692)]
Discussion on weighted least-squares method for solving Rayleigh damping coefficients
  WANG Huai-feng, LOU Meng-lin and ZHANG Ru-lin
  2017,34(5):603-607 [Abstract(868)]  [View PDF 2.51 M (636)]
A singular element for Reissner plate bending problem with interface cracks
  ZHANG Zhao-jun, WANG Shan and YAO Wei-an
  2017,34(5):608-614 [Abstract(779)]  [View PDF 3.64 M (540)]
Discrete element analysis of breakage characteristics of railway ballast
  YAN Ying, ZHAO Chun-fa, LI Yong-jun and JI Shun-ying
  2017,34(5):615-622 [Abstract(803)]  [View PDF 9.01 M (652)]
Research on the superharmonic effects of bistable electromagnetic vibration energy harvester
  WU Zi-ying, YE Wen-teng and LIU Qiang
  2017,34(5):623-630 [Abstract(1282)]  [View PDF 4.98 M (678)]
Dynamic load identification in second-order formulation in time domain based precise time-integration
  WANG Shu-juan, HAN Wei-min, WANG Guo-qiao, SHEN Ji-hong and JIANG Nan
  2017,34(5):631-637 [Abstract(1131)]  [View PDF 3.58 M (711)]
Primary resonance of cable-stayed beam with time-delayed feedback control
  PENG Jian, LI Lu-xin, XIANG Ming-jiao and ZHAO Yue-yu
  2017,34(5):638-643 [Abstract(782)]  [View PDF 3.29 M (573)]
Temperature effects on the resonance responses of stay cables under support excitation
  ZHAO Yao-bing and SUN Ce-shi
  2017,34(5):644-649 [Abstract(782)]  [View PDF 3.29 M (599)]
Modeling and analytical solution of piezoelectric cantilevered energy harvester with a new dynamic magnifier
  TANG Li-ping and WANG Jian-guo
  2017,34(5):650-656 [Abstract(1170)]  [View PDF 4.01 M (908)]


Mechanical behavior of cracked solid electrolyte under the coupled mechanical and chemical fields
  SUN Yi, CAO Meng-xin and YANG Zhi-qiang
  2017,34(5):657-664 [Abstract(997)]  [View PDF 5.65 M (922)]
On wind pressure coefficient distribution of air-supported structures considering fluid-structure coupling
  SHEN Yue-kui, ZHAO De-shun and WANG Qin
  2017,34(5):665-671 [Abstract(863)]  [View PDF 5.95 M (656)]
Condition number and preprocessing of the finite element equation of two point boundary value problems with cubic Lagrange shape function
  ZHANG Heng
  2017,34(5):672-676 [Abstract(935)]  [View PDF 2.66 M (638)]