Volume 33,Issue 6,2016 Table of Contents

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Scaled boundary isogeometric analysis of heat transfer problems
  PANG Lin,LIN Gao,ZHANG Yong,WANG Feng and LI Jian-bo
  Published 12月 28日, 2016
  2016,33(6):807-812 [Abstract(1042)]  [View PDF 1.43 M (1234)]
Three-dimensional isogeometric analysis based on Bézier extraction
  LAI Wen-jiang,YU Tian-tang and YIN Shuo-hui
  Published 12月 28日, 2016
  2016,33(6):813-818 [Abstract(702)]  [View PDF 1.70 M (660)]
Incompatible manifold method for thin plate problems based on the best quality mesh
  QU Xin,ZHENG Hong,SU Li-jun and LI Chun-guang
  Published 12月 28日, 2016
  2016,33(6):819-825,845 [Abstract(886)]  [View PDF 2.66 M (581)]
Application of quasi-initial condition boundary element method in transient heat conduction problem on gravity dams
  ZHOU Feng-lin,LI Guang,SUN Xiao and ZHANG Jian-ming
  Published 12月 28日, 2016
  2016,33(6):826-833 [Abstract(765)]  [View PDF 2.22 M (515)]
Buckling and modal analysis of coupled parallel flexible plates in an axial flow using the finite differential method
  DONG Yu,YANG Yi-ren,LU Li and WEN Hua-bin
  Published 12月 28日, 2016
  2016,33(6):834-839 [Abstract(755)]  [View PDF 1.52 M (696)]
Peridynamic rate-dependent constitutive model for impact damage of composite laminate
  SUN Chao-yang and HUANG Zai-xing
  Published 12月 28日, 2016
  2016,33(6):840-845 [Abstract(746)]  [View PDF 1.19 M (976)]
The correlation study of global performance states and local component injury status
  ZHANG Kun,WU Zi-yan and CAI Zong-ming
  Published 12月 28日, 2016
  2016,33(6):846-850 [Abstract(653)]  [View PDF 1.45 M (731)]
Optimal stiffness design of additional support for fluid-conveying pipe including fluid-structure interaction
  WANG Dong,LI Zheng-hao and REN Jian-ting
  Published 12月 28日, 2016
  2016,33(6):851-855 [Abstract(684)]  [View PDF 1006.68 K (731)]
Reliability analysis of ultimate compressive strength for stiffened composite panels
  ZHAO Wei-tao,FAN Shi-bing,LIU Wei-hua and SHI Xue-yan
  Published 12月 28日, 2016
  2016,33(6):856-862 [Abstract(702)]  [View PDF 3.07 M (532)]
Calculation of non-probabilistic reliability index of interval model based on PSO
  CUI Zhi-yong and FAN Xiao-ning
  Published 12月 28日, 2016
  2016,33(6):863-867 [Abstract(713)]  [View PDF 1009.93 K (809)]
Mechanical model of pneumatic levitation using porous media based on N-S equation
  HUANG Lei,WANG Sheng-jie,PENG Xue-ming,HE Chun-tao and HUANG Liang
  Published 12月 28日, 2016
  2016,33(6):868-873 [Abstract(723)]  [View PDF 2.13 M (499)]
一种基于Associated Hermite正交函数求解对流扩散方程的算法
A new method for solving convection-diffusion equation using Associated Hermite orthogonal functions
  ZHANG Di,MIAO Xiao-ping,PENG Fu-sheng,JIANG Feng and WEI Zi-jie
  Published 12月 28日, 2016
  2016,33(6):874-880 [Abstract(718)]  [View PDF 1.58 M (614)]
Research on optimization of horizontal wells with separated production scheme in low permeability reservoir
  LIU Shan,SU Yu-liang and LIU Hao
  Published 12月 28日, 2016
  2016,33(6):881-888 [Abstract(895)]  [View PDF 1.72 M (599)]
Analysis of numerical simulation on horizontal arrangement equal bubbles rising
  DU Yu-hao,XIONG Kai-wen,ZHANG Ying,NIE Xiao-ting,ZHOU Min and LI Cheng-bo
  Published 12月 28日, 2016
  2016,33(6):889-894 [Abstract(729)]  [View PDF 2.72 M (531)]
Dynamic analysis of two settling particles in a channel
  CHEN Rong-qian and NIE De-ming
  Published 12月 28日, 2016
  2016,33(6):895-904 [Abstract(672)]  [View PDF 2.13 M (479)]
Meshless Galerkin method for magneto hydrodynamic flow in rectangular insulated duct
  CAI Xing-hui,QIANG Hong-fu,DONG San-qiang and WANG Guo-liang
  Published 12月 28日, 2016
  2016,33(6):905-910 [Abstract(653)]  [View PDF 2.37 M (816)]
Dynamic analysis of nonlinear coupled system of gear box
  WANG Zhi-dong,HUO Rui and ZHANG Dao-kun
  Published 12月 28日, 2016
  2016,33(6):911-917 [Abstract(760)]  [View PDF 2.91 M (930)]
Design and analysis of the optimal length for compression tube in the high enthalpy expansion tube
  LI Hai-yan,LÜ Zhi-guo,LUO Wan-qing and CHANG Yu
  Published 12月 28日, 2016
  2016,33(6):918-923 [Abstract(651)]  [View PDF 3.74 M (449)]


Two scale study on mechanical properties of concrete based on the reduced order homogenization theory
  CHEN Dong-dong,ZHANG Xian-feng,GUO Lei,DENG Jia-jie,GAO Fei and HE Yong
  Published 12月 28日, 2016
  2016,33(6):924-931 [Abstract(773)]  [View PDF 3.76 M (703)]
Reverse adjustment of non-conforming element Qm6
  HU Sheng-rong,XU Jing-jing and LIU Xin-hong
  Published 12月 28日, 2016
  2016,33(6):932-937 [Abstract(676)]  [View PDF 1.14 M (506)]
Research on stress analyzing approach of internal threads based on simplified-model simulation
  LONG Dan-feng,HUANG Cheng-hai,XU Wei-guo,XIANG Dong,WANG Yi-jiang and JIANG Wei
  Published 12月 28日, 2016
  2016,33(6):938-944 [Abstract(703)]  [View PDF 4.38 M (629)]