Volume 33,Issue 5,2016 Table of Contents

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A peridynamic study on quasi-static deformation and failure
  HUANG Dan,LU Guang-da and ZHANG Qing
  2016,33(5):657-662 [Abstract(9376)]  [View PDF 2.30 M (11701)]
Harmonic identification of cracks parameters in beams
  CHEN Yan,LU Xu,ZHANG Yu-hang and GUAN Zhen-qun
  2016,33(5):663-669,682 [Abstract(6371)]  [View PDF 3.32 M (10918)]
Dynamic modeling and numerical simulation of electro-rheological fluids based on Lattice Boltzmann Method
  ZHU Shi-sha,LUO Qi,LIU Jin-gang and TANG Tao
  2016,33(5):670-675 [Abstract(7378)]  [View PDF 3.12 M (11174)]
Numerical simulation of 3D dam-break flow using smoothed particle hydrodynamics
  XU Xiao-yang,REN Sheng-zhang and DENG Fang-an
  2016,33(5):676-682 [Abstract(8612)]  [View PDF 4.53 M (11619)]
Numerical analysis of wind load characteristics of photovoltaic panels mounted on a roof
  ZHANG Ai-she,GAO Cui-lan,SHEN Cheng-jun and ZHANG Bing
  2016,33(5):683-688,737 [Abstract(6246)]  [View PDF 2.92 M (11154)]
Nonlinear dynamic time history analysis of pile-groups-soil-structure based on elsto-plastic model
  2016,33(5):689-696 [Abstract(8966)]  [View PDF 3.65 M (11654)]
Two-dimensional elasticity solutions for in-plane free vibration of annular plates with elastically restrained edges
  PU Yu,ZHAO Hai-ying,TENG Zhao-chun,HAN Guo-qiang and YANG Ye
  2016,33(5):697-703 [Abstract(8509)]  [View PDF 1.29 M (11953)]
Discussion of effective properties prediction methods for 1D periodic beam structure
  YI Si-nan,CHENG Geng-dong and XU Liang
  2016,33(5):704-710 [Abstract(8881)]  [View PDF 1.86 M (11497)]
Application of response surface method on structural reliability analysis of pin joint in composites
  ZHANG Jiu-min,GU Ru-jia,LI Hong-shuang and XIA Shuang
  2016,33(5):711-716 [Abstract(3196)]  [View PDF 1.28 M (11509)]
Buckling analysis of composite laminated Mindlin plate based on new modified couple stress theory
  CHEN Wan-ji and NIU Hui
  2016,33(5):717-724 [Abstract(5845)]  [View PDF 1.59 M (10953)]
Study on parameters of Holmquist-Johnson-Cook model for granite porphyry
  WEN Lei,LI Xi-bing,WU Qiu-hong and SU Wei
  2016,33(5):725-731 [Abstract(6329)]  [View PDF 3.67 M (11257)]
A frictional contact problem of a functionally graded layer resting on a Winkler foundation
  CHEN Yao-geng and LI Xing
  2016,33(5):732-737 [Abstract(5940)]  [View PDF 1.32 M (10851)]
A modified HLLC method and its application in Baer-Nunziato model
  LI Zheng and WANG Shuang-hu
  2016,33(5):738-746,752 [Abstract(5056)]  [View PDF 2.66 M (10861)]
Study of numerical model coupling of hydrodynamic CFD-DEM simulation
  CHE Hai-ou,WANG Kai and ZHANG Jing-xin
  2016,33(5):747-752 [Abstract(5926)]  [View PDF 2.73 M (11585)]
Particle flow simulation for effects of rock block shape on mechanical behavior of soil-rock mixture
  JIN Lei and ZENG Ya-wu
  2016,33(5):753-759,790 [Abstract(5522)]  [View PDF 2.87 M (11001)]
Numerical simulation of hydraulic fracturing
  LIU Chuan-qi,XUE Shi-feng and SUN Qi-cheng
  2016,33(5):760-766 [Abstract(8830)]  [View PDF 4.18 M (11926)]
Study on the law of transverse isotropic reservoir crack extension during hydraulic fracture
  SUN Ke-ming,ZHANG Shu-cui and LI Tian-shu
  2016,33(5):767-772 [Abstract(5909)]  [View PDF 1.61 M (11001)]
Flow pattern simulation and flow mechanical behavior influencing factors analysis of granular materials in silos
  WANG Xue-wen,QIN Yi,TIAN Yan-kang,YANG Xin-yu and YANG Zhao-jian
  2016,33(5):773-778 [Abstract(7937)]  [View PDF 4.02 M (11389)]
Algorithmic framework for experimental design and surrogate model based on SiPESC
  LI Chao,LI Yun-peng,ZHANG Sheng and CHEN Biao-song
  2016,33(5):779-784 [Abstract(5338)]  [View PDF 3.21 M (11055)]
Finite element theory of chemo-mechanical coupling and the program implementation of UEL in ABAQUS for the continuous colloidal material
  WEI Wei and YANG Qing-sheng
  2016,33(5):785-790 [Abstract(8295)]  [View PDF 1.43 M (11617)]
Structural damage identification based on ABC algorithm with variable search strategy
  DING Zheng-hao,LÜ Zhong-rong and LIU Ji-ke
  2016,33(5):791-795 [Abstract(5341)]  [View PDF 1.27 M (10845)]


Multi-fractal spectra characteristics of numerical rock specimen during the fracture
  YANG Yu-jiang and LI Yuan-hui
  2016,33(5):796-801 [Abstract(5668)]  [View PDF 1.66 M (10864)]
Dynamics characteristic analysis of space frame structure based on spectral element method
  E Lin-zhong-yang,DU Qiang and LI Shang-ming
  2016,33(5):802-806 [Abstract(8272)]  [View PDF 1.72 M (11599)]